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Volker Mohrholz. Michael Naumann. Monika Nausch. Mark Nepf. Daniel Neumann. Thomas Neumann. Sonja Oberbeckmann. Robert Osinski.

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Publikationen Kerstin Perner. Mareike Peterson. Sarah Piehl. Manja Placke. Sascha Plewe.

Vorname Nachname - Publications

Frank Pohl. Falk Pollehne. Ralf Prien. Kaveh Purkiani. Hagen Radtke. Una Reck. Berit Recklebe. Constantin Recknagel. Gregor Rehder. Lukas Ritzenhofen. Esther Robbe. Katharina Romoth. Johann Ruickoldt. Bita Sabbaghzadeh.

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Martin Sass. Gerald Schernewski. Kerstin Schiele. Oliver Schmale. Martin Schmidt. Bernd Schneider. Stefanie Schubert. Ingo Schuffenhauer. Elisabeth Schulz. Kirstin Schulz. Detlef Schulz-Bull.

Sturm der Liebe Folge 1787 Doris am Fadenkreuz

Heide Schulz-Vogt. Inken Schulze. Johanna Schumacher. Torsten Seifert. Dandan Shen. Herbert Siegel. Mike Sommer. Anne Stephan. Erik Stohr. Christian Stolle. Alexander Tagg. Miriam von Thenen. A waistcoat, rare as they are these days, is a Weste. Das Gremium is a rather official sounding word used primarily for government appointed committees or boards to oversee certain responsibilities and is akin to a commission, e. Das Komitee is a good general word if in doubt which word to use; it is more commonly heard than its indigenous synonym der Ausschuss.

Der Rat is strictly speaking a council, e. Note that in contrast to the English, the subject of the verb is was and thus the verb remains in the singular and German uses mich and uns in the above example, not ich and wir. Was geht mich das an?

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But if s. Fahren Sie bitte fort! Potatoes roasted in the oven are called Ofenkartoffeln or Folienkartoffeln if done in foil. More or less synonymous with this are fertigwerden and zurechtkommen e. Kommst du mit deinem neuen Computer klar? Where you mean s. In patriotic contexts the Germans may refer to their country as their Vaterland, e.

Warum weinst du? Note that the sing.

bpsconsultores.com/images/cheshire/1574-paquetes-de-tios.php Ein Euro consists of Cent and ein Schweizer franken m. Note the use of the acc. Gepflogenheit is a more elevated word, positive in connotation, often referring to customs or norms of the upper crust, e. Gewohnheit refers to s. The example given for Gewohnheit above could also be rendered by Angewohnheit, but it would suggest there is some disapproval.

Compare this with the previous example; these people are the victims of flood without any physical damage having been done to them. In the second example the verb gehen has been omitted, which is commonly the case with sich trauen, e.

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  4. Sich wagen also occurs and implies a greater fear of doing s. In the earthquake example above sich wagen might well be more appropriate than sich trauen, depending on the circumstances. Das Datum refers to a calender date, e. There is not a specific word for a romantic date. This needs to be expressed periphrastically, e. These days the first word on the next line has a small letter as Lieber is seen as the beginning of the sentence; previously Germans placed an exclamation mark after the name and the next line started with a capital letter, e. Lieber Dieter!