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What Rochester values in Jane is her pliancy, which allows him to shape her into the woman he desires, something that wouldn't have been possible with a powerful woman like Blanche. Rochester still has much to learn about love. Allusions to fairy tales continue in this chapter. This fantasy reminds the reader that one of Rochester's primary hopes from this marriage is that it will somehow purify him: For example, he wants to revisit all of his old haunts in Europe, tracing all of his old steps, but now "healed and cleansed" by his angelic Jane.

By recreating her as fairy or angel, Rochester fulfills his own fantasy of magically erasing his past transgressions and beginning a fresh, new life.

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But what does this fantasy offer Jane? Reduced to muse or "doll," Jane has no power over her own future. Jane makes this idea apparent when she claims Rochester gives her a smile such as a sultan would "bestow on a slave his gold and gems had enriched. Rather than becoming slave, Jane vows she will become a missionary, preaching liberty to women enslaved within harems. While her comments imply a Eurocentric understanding of eastern culture — the enlightened Englishwoman coming to the rescue of poor, imprisoned Turkish women — she insightfully implies that the position of English women isn't much better than that of their Turkish counterparts; both are enslaved by male despotism, which makes women objects of male desire, rather than thinking, independent subjects.

As in the previous chapter, nature reflects the coming tragedy. The wind blows fiercely and the moon is blood-red, reflecting an excess of passion. The cloven chestnut tree symbolically foreshadows Jane's future with Rochester, both their impending separation and their ultimate union.

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Jane's visions of Thornfield's desolation prefigure its charred remains after Bertha Mason torches it. Critics have often seen the child in Jane's dreams as a representation of Jane's fear of marriage or of childbearing. Throughout these chapters, Jane's anxieties about a loss of identity within her marriage are apparent. Thus, her dream of the small child, "too young and feeble to walk," could easily represent her immature self, unable to create an independent identity. When she tries to speak to Rochester, she is "fettered" and "inarticulate" — she feels she will have no power and no voice within the relationship.

As with previous changes in Jane's life, this one is foreshadowed not only by dreams, but also by the appearance of a ghostly apparition, Bertha Mason. This strange woman who rends the wedding-veil in two has been viewed by critics as Jane's double. While the powerless child reflects Jane's feelings of helplessness, Bertha shows Jane's rebellion. Bertha does Jane a favor — Jane didn't like the veil nor the sense that Rochester was trying to alter her identity by buying her expensive gifts, and her resistance is enacted through Bertha's actions. Bertha's vampiric appearance suggests that she is sucking away Rochester's lifeblood, but she also has a sexual power: The "blood-red" moon, a symbol of women's menstrual cycles, is reflected in her eyes.

Like Blanche Ingram, Bertha is a woman Rochester can't control, a woman with "savage" and, probably sexual, power. Oh, qu'elle y sera mal—peu confortable! Oh, things will be unpleasant for her there—uncomfortable! Previous Chapter Next Chapter Removing book from your Reading List will also remove any bookmarked pages associated with this title.

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Are you sure you want to remove bookConfirmation and any corresponding bookmarks? Sign In. Pop Quiz! How does Jane save Rochester from the fire? Start Quiz. Adam Bede has been added to your Reading List! A four-hour adventure set near Hulburg for 5th — 10th level characters. No hunter is more dangerous than a bored one.


They have set their sights on you. Are you going down with a whimper or will you face the challenge head on, giving the hunter a taste of their own medicine? A four-hour adventure for 5th — 10th level characters. Jan 06, With the Banite coup recently foiled, election day in Phlan has finally arrived. But the Lord of Darkness needs a new representative.

Jhessail Greycastle, with her grand plans for the future of Phlan, requires additional vetting and may need your assistance. Apr 12, As Melvaunt rebuilds after the devastation wrought by the modron and orc attacks, the planar portal outside the city walls continues to worry everyone in the City of a Thousand Forges. A closer examination of the portal is needed, and brave adventurers are asked to help be part of the reconnaissance team.

Tensions are high within Melvaunt after the incident at the planar portal. Reports of strange behavior from several people, from the lowliest dockworker to the members of the Council of Lords, are taxing the resources of the City Watch. Adventurers must investigate the individual behind the foul play, determining the means and the motive. But an odd party and some even odder guests threaten the investigation. Apr 18, Desperate for assistance in returning Hillsfar to its former glory, First Lord Vuhm Yestral receives word that help may come from an unlikely source.

With preparations in order, can he facilitate what the city needs, or will his red gathering all be for naught? Apr 23, To what extent are they involved?

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  • Is there still a threat? The Mages have pledged their cooperation in your investigation, but are they sincere? Try to find the answers to these difficult questions and earn the respect of some powerful allies in the city of Hillsfar. It all comes out. The ones behind the mages and thieves guild being implicated in an assassination attempt of the Zulkir.

    After years of strife, Phlan is entering a new era of prosperity. Under the strong leadership of Jhessail Greycastle, external dangers have been beaten back, the city defenses have been strengthened, and the guilds are flourishing. But fresh threats have arisen within the city walls. Strange beasts stalk the night, bringing swift death in their wake, whilst a new criminal gang is vying for control of the streets.

    Can our heroes uncover the truth before more lives are lost? A four-hour adventure for 1st — 4th level characters. Deep inside the underbelly of Phlan something sinister is going on. A new group of criminals is looking to take over illegal operations in the city and have set themselves up in the sewers. Adventurers are needed to discover what secrets lie beneath Phlan. Do you heed the call? Steel yourself, this invitation has your name all over it. A four-hour adventure for 1st-4th level characters.

    Oct 03, When a series of grisly murders and raids on farms and fishing boats come to light, accompanied by a strange fog, the people of Elmwood need heroes to investigate and stop the attacks. The heroes of Elmwood find clues that lead them to follow the trail of their adversaries to the Bell of the Deep, the sunken castle of Northkeep beneath the violet waves of the Moonsea. Can they make it safely there through the ancient terrors of the Moonsea as well as all the obstacles their adversaries can put in the way?

    Legends say that the fall of Northkeep was orchestrated by one man, who sought ultimate power but was cursed to remain forever within the sunken ruins of the Bell in the Deep as his only reward. Now the great betrayer might himself have been betrayed, with dire consequences for the entire Moonsea region.

    Dec 07, Something stirs in the Hulburg mines. It would be nice to know what, but it would be nicer if it would stop collapsing parts of the mines and leaving catatonic miners.

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      Why are my hands triangles? Why do I have four of them? No, wait, those are not mine! Where am I? How did I get here? A four-hour adventure for 11thth level characters. In the depths below Hulburg, the main user of a psychic drug made from condensed emotions will make its final stand. Those who dare descend must be mentally prepared for the onslaught that awaits, if they wish to survive. Jan 21, What horrors did those things stir in the ruins below? Better safe than sorry.

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      Part 1 of the Terror from the Deep trilogy. The authorities might give in. Somebody needs to stop them. Part 2 of the Terror from the Deep trilogy. Call of the DeepThe watery veil is lifted and the Master of the Deep is known. All that remains is killing it and lifting its destructive influence.

      The dangers that lurk in the unfathomable depths might be the least of your worries. Part 3 of the Terror from the Deep trilogy. Jan 25, The unthinkable is happening in Phlan; someone, or some thing, is taking thechildren. What began as strange reports from outlying farms, has now becomea city-wide problem.