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Months later, on October 26, , two men named Tom J.

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Malone held on for almost a day but died the next night in the hospital. Mayer was arrested and tried but in the end, he was let go due to a finding of self-defense.

As in most mining camps, there was a red-light district doing a booming business, drawing women from as far away as San Francisco. The town authorities decided that the red light district must be segregated from the rest of the town and boundaries were drawn. Amargosa Street, between Broadway and Colorado Streets, was the north and south boundary, while the alley between Main and Amargosa was the western boundary. The town also had an active social life including baseball games, dances, whist parties, tennis, a symphony, Sunday school picnics, basketball games, Saturday night variety shows at the opera house and pool tournaments.

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Rhyolite, Nevada and the Bullfrog Hills, Rhyolite Jail by Dave Alexander. Pages: 1 2.

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Our cookies are delicious. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Speak to me, You're walking closer and it's hard to breathe I should be running, but the heart's naive And I expected too much You were good to me I left a scar that no one else can see And now you're back here and reminding me That I lost way too much And you know that night I almost said I loved you And you almost said it back Are we gonna be more than a memory?

No matter how lame my apology I let go of you, you let go of me Are we gonna be more than a memory?

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Are you gonna just stand in front of me Pretending I'm not your destiny I'm not over you, are you over me? Are we gonna be more than a memory? I'm not over you, are you over me?

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