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They've been that valuable. Leaders need adequate training. Jesus is the best example of this. He discipled his people. He spent a lot of time with them, and out of relationship they started mimicking him, doing things the way he did them. Lots of leaders were produced this way, and they did great things—like planting churches and going to the uttermost parts of the world. Many churches get the process backwards.

They want to give people a title and then train them.

Event: Disciple-Making Conference - Baptist State Convention of North Carolina

Jesus never did that. He spent three and a half years training and developing. Then he said, "You are my disciples. We need to get people to serve in ministry and affirm them as we see their gifts. Then we can say "You're really good at this. Do you realize that?

Hm... Are You a Human?

Wouldn't you like to be a leader? One of my biggest fears is promoting people to small group leadership too quickly. Sometimes when churches are desperate for leaders, they'll fast-track people into leadership without really knowing their character. Then a year later they find out the person's marriage is on the rocks or they're addicted to pornography or something like that. Had they gotten to know these people and their personal problems, then they could've said, "Your house isn't in order.

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We're not going to give you leadership elsewhere. To continue reading: Log In Subscribe. Keywords: Leadership development ; Multiplication ; Relationships ; Spiritual growth.

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tarcsiadam.com/cache/january/zudof-aries-horoscope.php Short-term teams are actually not a new invention! Pioneers like Loren Cunningham and others led the way in their acceptance in modern missions. Yet they are a very ancient and Biblical strategy. Rabbits are one of the fastest animals in the world to multiply. Did you know that one rabbit averages around babies in a lifetime? If one rabbit has , and those rabbits have another babies…you do the math.

Lesson Principles and Practice of Disciplemaking | enarosyfoxyr.tk

Within a very short amount of time, you have a lot of rabbits! When talking about the rapid multiplication of disciples, we often compare the growth to that of rabbits. Most elephants average around five or six babies in a lifetime. Green people? Are we talking about Martians? In every disciple-making group there are different kinds of people.

Check out this video to find out more about the four kinds of people in every group. Read further to understand how to help red and yellow people become green or blue! Green People- come, share the gospel and disciple others. Short cuts seem good in the beginning but often take longer in the end.

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We can be tempted to take alternate routes as we work in a new area. The Person of Peace concept comes from Luke Chapter In verses five and six, Jesus tells them to look for someone who promotes peace. The disciples He sent out were to stay with that person and receive their hospitality. Through them they would reach the community. Luke ,6 read more. Everyone understood the concepts and liked them.

But when the school was over, only a few people started groups. Our mindset and lifestyle matters. In many ways, disciple-making is much more caught than taught. Are you living as a disciple-maker or just training people about it?

Christian Small Group Bible Study by Andy Stanley

This guest post about peer coaching by K. It was followed by another pointed question. When I shared my testimony with them, they were touched by His love and kindness. But cultural issues like these were at the forefront of their minds. I needed to understand the bridges and the barriers in their culture if I was going to effectively share Christ with them.

We looked down the path and saw him there. A young man lying on the ground, thrashing back and forth. His body out of control with some kind of seizure. Was it epilepsy? A demonic manifestation?