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There may be too much pain, too much confusion or too much complexity. They are seeking new skills and new perspectives that increase their personal and professional effectiveness. In belief that inner and outer landscapes are one, she is committed to helping social and environmental innovators and teams become more resourced at protecting people and nature. Her coaching approach supports clients in developing emotional, conversational and relational capacity to bring their vision and grounded leadership more fully into the world. Her experience facilitating cross-sectoral leadership networks enables her to support teams towards clarity of purpose, trust-based partnership and generous collaboration.

She currently works at The Nature Conservancy, strengthening leadership networks around community-based conservation, and serves as mentor in the Byron Fellowship. Having lived in Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Canada and the United States, her strong multicultural background supports her coaching and leadership style, which is constantly enriched by her commitment to diversity. Mariana nourishes her inner landscapes by practicing meditation, swimming and yoga, by reading novels and by resting into the beauty and restoration of nature. She explores and communicates her vision of wholeness through stories that can help communities deepen into acceptance of things as they are and open into a collective vision of the things they desire.

I am a leadership coach in San Francisco. I get joy from helping leaders that I admire make a bigger impact in their life. I coached executives on team culture, leadership and performance. Cindy Marteney is a leadership coach specializing in working with physician leaders, high tech leadership teams, and engineering and consulting services companies. She has worked with clients across North America and in Europe. Her focus is on building Leadership Learning Communities that include exploration of the Enneagram, conducting regular mood checks, centering when under pressure, converting complaints to longings, giving feedback with dignity, declaring more inspiring futures, becoming more influential through storytelling, and coordinating action with greater precision.

Cindy started her career in the US Navy as a naval intelligence analyst in Spain, held leadership positions in marketing communications, and went on to be the CEO of a family business doing e-commerce. Brian is a Certified Integral Coach and a technologist by trade, but an artist and servant leader by calling. He holds very sacred the life of each client, and does not take lightly the calling of a coach to do the work necessary to learn about his clients, gain new understanding about them, and engage with them to reach the outcomes they desire. His calm and kindness creates an initial atmosphere that is welcoming for his clients, and they sense that it is safe to engage.

He also brings a commitment to their growth and development, and a visible desire to help them grow. In addition to his private practice, Brian is a member of the Intel Coaching Program, a finalist for the ICF Prism Award for excellence in global corporate coaching programs. Dorothy co-founded Collaborative Leadership Institute in because she believed that it is possible for leaders to both individually and collectively thrive in their environment.

Her approach to guide leadership development, organizational change and leadership culture transformations has evolved and is now based on a behaviourally specific, integral framework called Leadership Agility, which identifies where managers are in developing from tactical problem-solvers to strategic managers, and then onto visionary leaders.

Five Coaching Practices To Accelerate The Growth Of Others

Dorothy is also a Senior Associate with ChangeWise. She has developed deep expertise and experience in using the Leadership Agility framework. Through training, coaching, and facilitation, Dorothy guides leaders and their teams to develop new levels of agility and effectiveness.

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She understands the pressures and challenges that leaders face to be more strategic and visionary, and to build more agile teams and organizations. I love working with people who want their lives to reflect their values and priorities. My clients come from different professions, cultures and situations which keeps my approach fresh and enriches my clients' experience. Most of us want to live with intention and with balance, but that is easier said than done.

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Often we may have achieved a certain amount of success, but still… something is lacking; our inner experience does not match our external achievements. Synthesizing aspects of coaching, personal development, and individual and organizational dynamics, I listen - to not only the person but the context. My process is goal-oriented.

My process is active, not passive. Surprise yourself. I am available in person, via videoconference, or phone. Contact me at suerolfecoaching gmail or at Sarah Cunningham is an experienced coach and leadership development professional with over 20 years of corporate experience building leadership programs in fields that include technology, heath care, professional services and supply chain. Sarah is passionate about reducing isolation and helping humans reach their potential. She believes each change is an opportunity to truly thrive.

She has a bachelor's degree in psychology from Marquette University and a master's degree in Organization Development from Loyola University in Chicago. As an integral coach, Sarah believes we show up to whatever we are endeavoring in as a whole person, and thus, nothing can be left out of the equation when working on getting to the next phase, level or area in our lives.

I believe that the Story we create for ourselves is incredibly powerful , it pervades into how we think, feel and act.

All our stories have very common themes that paint a rich canvas of lived experiences: Identity, Meaning, Sustenance and Inspiration. The shadow side of this applies too. My path toward Coaching reads very much like Alice in Wonderland. I opened my first door of discovery by entering into the Management Consulting arena. I have journeyed through numerous consulting firms from the Big Four to niche entrepreneurial firms that allowed me to stretch my mind and see tangible change happen.

There was a disconnect between what was thought up to what materialised. This was my white rabbit… The chase of something incredible yet elusive that could make a change in how people, teams and communities could engage and work. I have been involved in a variety of projects across Africa in both public and private sector.

What Can Coaches Do for You?

The breadth of engagements is large but with a focus on making people own their respective paths. I faced a fork in my road in Wonderland, pursuing an MBA as expected from a Consultant or something different. I have not looked back since. I feel I have walked through many doors down my trip in Wonderland and have found a richer way of engaging the world. I am excited to take the journey with people and teams to see where we both can grow and change.

Tending to the full human experience of leadership: for executives, activists, entrepreneurs, and artists. Fran has 15 years of experience guiding people and organizations through transformation. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, his work has concentrated in the Technology and Life Science industries, as well as with artist and activist communities.

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He coaches the c-suite on amplifying sound leadership throughout the organization. He guides teams to build cohesion and efficacy through trust, connection, and communication.

Fran also has a selective coaching practice, Benjamin Leadership, that helps individuals and groups identify and harness their unique potential and abilities in service of their aspirations. Benjamin Leadership invests in the full ecosystem that supports the leader to thrive in all elements of their lives.

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This is how go from aspiration to reality. Leading Diversity Strategy at Airbnb, he guided leaders through personal transformation, mindset shift, and organizational change to build highly effective teams anchored in diversity. Fran spent time in the Middle East working in conflict resolution, peace, and reconciliation—an experience that still informs his approach to inclusive leadership and human interaction. He was also the Executive Director of Swing Low Theatre Company, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting xenophobia and hate. He was fortunate to be a Norman Topping Scholar at the University of Southern California, a cohort of first generation and minority college students—a community he cares for deeply.

Fran has coached startup executives, global corporate executives, folks transitioning to leadership roles, managers, artists, and parents. When not coaching, Fran spends time bringing beauty to the world as a cabaret performer, vocalist, and visual artist. She has coached in a wide range of industries and has collaborated with companies experiencing rapid growth, undergoing management crises, and still others going through mergers and acquisitions.

The Six Question Process: Coaching For Leaders

One of her specialties has been to help large and complex organizations develop their top talent. For over a decade, she was a faculty member of this school, supporting the development of coaches on their path to certification. Prior to becoming a coach, Janice headed multinational marketing communication firms for WPP. Here, she enjoyed assignments that challenged her with turning around companies that were in financial and operational upheaval.

This experience, coupled with leadership positions at J. Walter Thompson, provide her with a unique understanding of the corporate and individual pressures leaders face on a daily basis. Janice can coach in English or Spanish. Since early in her life, she has been fascinated with the fields of business, leadership, creativity and spiritual development. She is currently a student and teacher in training of the Diamond Approach.